Product Design
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The goal of this project was to conceive of and produce a product for sale at Red River College’s 2022 Grad Show. The project included budgeting, designing, branding, and production for said product, which in this case was a set of candles.

The collection features 5 different candles, one for each of the spring zodiac signs. Every candle embodies the spirit of its astrological sign, using a unique scent and aesthetic for each. The candle also includes a crystal embedded in the wax that is best suited for its zodiac sign. The final designs feature bright colours, linear artwork, and funky typefaces. Each candle displays a unique feminine form inspired by the astrological sign it represents. The candles were made using only the best/most natural ingredients; soy wax and pure essential oils. These candles bestow a sense of comfort, ease, and personalization. Whether purchased as a gift for someone or as a treat for themselves, this candle offers a tailored scent and accompanying crystal aimed to delight and enliven its audience.

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